10 Self-Hypnosis Methods To Induce A Deep Trance



When it comes to creating deep, autohypnoses, the false understanding is that there is a magical, stupid method. Nothing does exist. A secret sauce is actually very localized, especially in the practice of every human being. You do not have to suspect that it’s up to you. What do you think and want to persevere next to a stone wall? One of the reasons why many selfish people are unsuccessful is that they focus mainly on the method, and if it does not work, there is a great temptation to sometimes refuse to blast. Needless to say, this is not a very effective approach. Therefore, we encourage you to do the opposite. To learn hypnosis, you should first focus on self-control and then use the induction method to get trans. Similarly, if you are hypnosis, you must set a positive intention (your H +) before setting the subject to trans. If you take part in a gentle mood session, you will feel distracted. Regardless of the techniques used, they will not work. Your mood will affect you. If you have problems getting in the trance first (walk first) and set the tone that your patient should feel, how likely is it to achieve the desired condition? The same applies to the practice of hypnosis. First, you need to adjust the mental state and then apply the desired induction method.

Magnetic Hands:


In an exciting exercise, the goal of this method is to focus on feeling the energy between the hands and stopping it from thinking.

Begin sanding your hands to increase heat.

After heating, remove your hands separately until they are about 4 cm away.

Now move your hands a bit to feel the natural magnetic attraction. It feels like a magnet. Focus on these feelings until they become stronger and stronger.

Play with energy until you feel that your hands want to connect. Now close your eyes and immerse yourself in a trance.

It does not matter if your hands are touching or are 10 inches away. However, what you are looking for is a strong magnetic field. If you do not touch your hand, pay attention to the distance between them to improve your experience.

This energetic game is a great way to disperse your mind so that your conscious mind can take control – relax and fall into a deep tranny.

Arm Levitation Method:


As with the above exercise, this method is intended to draw your attention to the movements and feelings in your body – and keep her from thinking. Considering that this method pays attention, it is a very effective way to enter if you want to quickly run your business and let you get unconscious.

Begin by raising your right hand up and down to get used to physical sensations and movements.

Pay attention to all these micromatic movements that appear when the arms move up and down.

If you have done it several times, repeat the following statement: “Unconscious, I want you to raise your right hand, raise your hand.” Raise your arm “I feel, raise, raise, raise and raise my arm.”

You may be surprised at how quickly this happens. Works regardless of whether your hand is floating very slowly or vibrates at the start.

Continue this procedure and let your hands do everything to tighten your face. When you raise your hand, be aware of all these minor movements, because this is an important part of the process.

You can also try to focus on the fingers, wrists, muscles on rats and even on the relationship between the hands and arms

The Betty Erickson 3-2-1 Technique:


Beth Ericson, wife of Milton Erickson, self-hypnosis. She used her own hypnosis all her life. One of the ways was the 3-2-1 method, in which you had to go through the things you see, hear and feel three times. This technique can be used to enhance your visualization skills and focus on your thoughts.

Begin by noticing three things you can see, for example: For example, a room has a wall, a picture on the wall or sunlight through windows.

Focus on the three things that you can hear, for example: For example, the sound of a breath, a bird in front of a window or TV background.

Then focus on the three things you can feel under the pressure of the chairs, the warmth of the room or the clothes that touch your skin.

Repeat the same cycle in the next round, except that you will only notice two things that you see, hear and feel. They can be the same or different things.

The last cycle focuses only on one thing you see, hear and feel.

Repeat steps 1-5 now, closing your eyes. Say 3 things that you can hear and feel (in your mind).

Repeat the process by noticing two things, then one thing, as you did when you opened your eyes.

After finishing the last cycle, you are a trance and continue your self-hypnotized practice.

The Power Pendulum:


A pendulum is an effective way of communicating with nonsense and creating trance. You can buy a simple pendulum at any New Age store or you can do it yourself. If you have a caravan, you can easily turn it into an electrical suspension. Each necklace with a stone or other suspension is like a pendulum. You can also use the string, fixing it to the screw or nut from the toolkit.

Start by searching for a comfortable position. Hold the lighthouse between your thumb and the pointer, keep it free, with no chain or thread slipping off your fingers.

Make sure that your elbow is spreading, not on the table or on the spot. Keep calm and relax to get to know your sense of hesitation.

Set the pendulum or “move”, focusing on the forward and backward movement. You can say that your pendulum starts to move and it will be.

Make sure your thoughts are clear. Do not try too hard because your consciousness is on the way.

Enter it easy and relaxed.

Close your eyes immediately after the start of the move and let the pendulum fall to the ground and, for example, start using it as usual with visualizations or approvals.

Visualization A Room:


Close your eyes and imagine a room that you know.

Try to illustrate the room as much as possible.

Read the room to see various functions such as furniture, pictures, doors and more.

Now repeat steps 1-3, except during this time, visualize the area in which you are less known.

Do you look at two rooms where you have seen another brightness of mentality?

Your mentalization of the unknown space was probably less complete than the known space, and the mentality of your understandable space was more stable and safer than the unknown space. Because stable mentalism is what you are trying to achieve through self-hypnosis, it is a useful tool to develop your visualization skills and create a peaceful state.

Describing A Room:


This exercise is the same as the previous one, except for one difference. In this task, you visualize a room that you know and describe it to yourself or another person. Describe the fullest possible space. The purpose of the exercises – to increase the stability of your awareness, using visualization during other functions of the mind, which in this case will be verbalization.

Pantomimed Mentalization:


These are the last option two exercises, but this time to add another dimension to your mentalizacijai: You use the time to describe the room. For example, if you see what a room, you can say: “The room is very large (extend the arms to highlight this point), and on the left, there is a corridor, the window on the right, I think I will be open” (crossing the window opening gestures).
It’s about strengthening mentality by integrating language and physical movements. Using repetitive practices, you can change an unknown mentality into the reality you know. Remember, the more mental functions you add, the more your consciousness becomes.

Breathing Count:


Practice counts breath with closed eyes. To find out how many breaths you need to run, they start to act and immediately some other thoughts than calculating the breath, stop there. Many people who are self-hypnosis or new focus can breathe 2 or 3 early without attention, and it is good. Repeat the breath a few times until you feel more relaxed and relaxed. Just sit back and free your mind without paying attention to anything special. Sit comfortably in what is happening without end, without censorship. The phrase “sitting” means abandoning any effort and just the pleasure of feeling and experiencing. Let everything you have experienced, do not go to court and change things. When you are happy, open your eyes. Each time you perform exercises, it will be started without any attention and it will turn out that you can breathe, do not worry. It is a great sign that you change your brain and improve your ability to concentrate on the task.

Pyramid Breathing:


In this task, the moment of the moment means everything you can do for your body in which you feel resistance. Examples of observational movements are in front of the wall or the fingers are bent. The purpose of this activity is to survive the sense of resistance in your body, to get rid of your thoughts.
It works like this:

Inhale and make the conscious movement, pay attention to the sensations or pressure in the body.

Make a second breath and follow the next observation movement.

Repeat this exercise until you reach the target breathing.

Flood and repeat until you are calmer.

Detailed Breathing:


Early breathing exercises are time-oriented. With a full breath, we focus on the details of the ability to observe your consciousness. Focus, for example, on feeling your nose while breathing. Your nostrils or your right nostrils. Make sure the focus is as detailed as possible, focusing on the smallest details. If it turns out to be difficult, focus on larger parts of the body, such as B. lengthening the ribs.

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