Disabilities And Mental Illnesses Are Formed And How They Can Be Cured





Disability is a broad concept, visual disturbances, limitations of actions and participation in the constraint. The problem is the deterioration of the function or structure of the body; the Activity limitation is the difficulty of meeting people the performance of a task or action; Limitation of the participation of the problem is that the person who makes living situations. Disability is not only a health problem. It is a complex phenomenon, which, at the date of death of the individual characteristics and the interaction between the characteristics of the society in which he lives.

Vision impairment

Vision Impairment

While you may lose part or all of their ability to See (vision) refers to the eye. Copies must remain with glasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery. The problems are related to the blind or with their knowledge. During a conversation with a person who is blind or Visual: always identify yourself and ask others to you, or a person needs help and hear a certain number of instructions, but be prepared for your rejection. The proposal. When it initiates a person, use it with the arm, not to them. Description of the changes in the environment and so on. If a person has a guide dog, keep in mind that the dog will not be clicked or the Fed should be distributed.

Types of Vision Impairment

Vision problems, known as vision moderate disorders, Visual acuity is 20/70 and Visual acuity 20/400 with everything to improve Visual acuity or the box, no more than 20 degrees.

Blindness is Visual acuity 20/400 or, worse, the Best corrected vision or Visual fields no more than 10 degrees.

To close the United States is Visual acuity 20/200 or, worse, best-corrected vision or field of view no more than 20 degrees.

Treatment of Vision Impairment

Treatment of Vision Impairment

Optical eye problems are quite common, possibly because we started as cavemen who have read the letters on the computer screen, he said, that it can be done at this time. Conditions that can be corrected through Optics is astigmatism, close, and many of the reviews, and some form of distortion in the field. When your eyes encounter difficulties, color, to see how they do it. This is referred to as color blindness and is more common in men. With age, there are a lot of diseases and common problems, including cataracts and glaucoma. Diabetes can be done quite a retinopathy create some blood vessels retinal breaks and leaks into the eye. In certain circumstances, may be a partial or total loss of vision. Almost more than medically is legal, but in accordance with the standards, you can get special assistance.

Hearing Impairment

Hearing impaired can range from mild to profound. Ear disorder strategies and the benefits of the devices, as well as language, lip reading, writing notes, AIDS or sign language interpreters.

If you talk with a person, deaf or hard of hearing are:

Check out directly to them, not only to the people, together with the translators, speak clearly and use a normal tone and voice, unless otherwise teaches a person with a disability hearing. If you do not understand what I said person, ask them to repeat or rephrase or alternatively offer you a pen and paper.

Hearing Impairment

Types of Hearing Impairment

The hearing is possible if they can be collected and the implementation of the change of vibration impulses in the brain. One of the three parts of the outer, middle and inner ear is responsible for part of this process.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Most people with hearing loss. neurosensorial hearing disorders take place when sensory (Cilia) and (or) the structure of the nervous system (nerves) in the inner ear (the problem). Neurosensorial hearing disorders are in most cases, the damage to the hair cells that are activated by sound waves vibrate and release neurotransmitters, which stimulates the hearing nerve. The auditory nerve makes sure, and then to the brain a lot of nerve fibers, the signal, which is treated as a sound. Neurosensorial and hearing disorders usually can damage small hair cells goes, this may cause damage to the auditory nerve.

Conductive Hearing Loss

A hearing is mechanical in nature. This means that nothing physical disorder or disease of the middle ear or external audio waterproof to the inner ear, where the nerve was stimulated to sound to the brain. Common causes of conductive hearing loss is identified and treated. Treatment of conductive hearing loss often allows for fully or partially lifting the minutes of the oral proceedings. Are not usually helpful, like hearing loss, hearing aids.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Mixed hearing loss means that neurosensorial hearing disorders conductive component. In addition, as permanent hearing loss caused by a problem with the inner ear is going to have a problem with the external or middle ear that causes hearing loss worse. But there is a possibility of treatment of hearing loss with success, as described above. Treatment will have to manage the other hearing disorders neurosensorial hearing.

Treatments of Hearing Impairment

Treatment for Hearing Impairment

Hearing loss or deafness is usually fixed, which includes or nerve damage in the inner ear. The only treatment option for hearing aids, in the ear, a device that increases the volume. Hearing aids are usually some variants of the device near your ear or behind the ear. Many are programmed to speak more effectively to use in different situations, for example, a noisy environment or on the phone.

Conductive hearing loss and deafness can sometimes be treated by removing the causes of constipation, for example, the ear canal or middle ear fluid in the Sierra. Procedural issues (Otosclerosis) bone can be treated surgically.

Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Conditions

Our mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being. This affects how we think, feel and act. It helps, as well as stress management, interaction with other people and decisions. Mental health is important at every stage of life, childhood, and adolescence into adulthood. During his life, mental health disorders, you’re thinking, mood and behavior. Many factors contribute to mental health problems. If possible, the problem of mental health, the search engine was diagnosed with information about the diagnosis, treatment and visit the site. For more information on our pages of information.

Types of Mental Health Conditions

If possible, the problem of mental health, the search engine was diagnosed with information about the diagnosis, treatment and visit the site. For more information on our pages of information.

Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety, panic attacks, treatment, and support can be achieved, including possible causes and how it explains. There are tips and guide, designed to help friends and family members.

Bipolar disorder

Explains what bipolar disorder is, what treatment might be and how to deal with. It also provides tips on what friends and family can do to help.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)

Says body dysmorphic disorder, including causes and how you can get treatment and support. There are tips and guide, designed to help friends and family members.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

This article explains what the SPD is and what it is, this diagnosis. You can also find information about self-care, treatment, and rehabilitation and provides guidance on how you can help friends and family members.


Depression, including possible causes and how you can get access to treatment and support, explains. There are tips and guide, designed to help friends and family members.

Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative disorders, including possible causes and how you can get access to treatment and support, explains. There are tips and guide, designed to help friends and family members.

Treatments of Mental Health Conditions

Treatment for Mental Health


Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental illness with professionally trained mental health can be. Psychotherapy deals with thoughts, feelings, and behavior and trying to improve human well-being. Psychotherapy in combination with drugs is the most effective way to search for a recovery. Examples: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and more.


The drug does not cure mental illness completely. But it may help with the symptoms. Medication in combination with psychotherapy is the most effective way to search for a recovery.

Case Management

Case management case manager to coordinate the support engineer. The case manager will help you assess, plan and implement strategies to facilitate the application.


Only a few cases, hospitalization may be necessary that a person can be carefully monitored, diagnosed, or stop the medication if temporarily limiting his mental illness.

Support Group

Self-help groups are in conjunction with the meeting of the group, where the members, with a view to the common goal of recovery. Support groups often consist of lay people, but also colleagues who suffer from a similar experience.

Intellectual Disability

Intellectual Disability

Mental retardation intellectual disability is a disability characterized by limitations of adaptive behavior and intellectual work covers many everyday social skills and practice. Disability comes before the age of 18. It is difficult, the possibility that Your child is suffering from one of the many types of mental retardation. Neither parent wants to see their child’s experience. You can worry about what is in the future, intellectual child or if the child is in school. Many parents to make sure their children when other slow or delayed a minus sign. It is important to note that the majority of children with one type of difficulty only as strong as the other children in science. It’s just that her teacher wants you to consider your unique curriculum. Everything you know about disability and the specific tasks, your child can learn, ask him for success in school and beyond.

Fragile X syndrome (FXS)

FXS is inherited mental retardation, known around the world for no reason. FXS is a genetic disease mutation of the x chromosome (changes in the DNA). Was born from the broken Fang X chromosome band you can use a variety of physical problems, developmental, behavioral and emotional, the seriousness of the injury can be very different. Some common symptoms include developmental delay, mental retardation, communication difficulties, anxiety, ADHD and autism, such as hand flapping, impaired social interaction, sensing behavior comparable to processing difficulties and poor eye contact (healthier).

Down Syndrome

Down’s syndrome is a disease or a disease, is a genetic disorder that occurs when someone is born with full or partial the extra copy of chromosome 21 in their DNA. Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder and leads to difficulties (Mayo Clinic). Poland about 270 children, or one of 1100, was born with Down syndrome every year. People with Down syndrome have some common features, physical problems, and development, as well as a higher than normal incidence of respiratory and heart failure.

Developmental delay

It is important to know that children develop at different rates and with the tires. However, if the child is slower compared to other children of the same age, have a developmental delay. May relate to one or more areas of development, as well as their ability to move around, communicate, learn, understand, or interacting with other children.

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS)

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a rare and complex genetic disorder, that about 1 in 10 000-20 000 people (better health channel). This disability is very complicated and it is caused by a gene on chromosome 15 disorder. One of the most common symptoms of PWS is a constant and insatiable hunger, usually starting at age two years. people with PWS is a compulsion to eat because the brain (in particular the hypothalamus) to tell them that they are complete so that you are always hungry.

Treatments for Intellectual Disability

Treatments for Intellectual Disability

Have already discussed effective methods of training and education for people with intellectual disabilities (ID, formerly mental retardation). These methods are practical, systematic and easy. This evidence-based practice supported by a large number of studies. In this section, we will look at the many so-called “Behandlungen “. “As has already been mentioned, is not a” decision “. “The best case scenario, some of the reasons for the treatment is effective in reducing the symptoms of the disease and disability. Nevertheless, the unsubstantiated claims about alternative methods of treatment. There is no solid research, based on the claims of performance.

Orthomolecular Therapy

We all know that diet and nutrition is important for good health. Like many other people do not eat healthy for some people with IDs. In such cases, it is useful for dietary supplements. However, food and dietary supplements are not clearly improved cognition and learn from people with IDs. Orthomolecular therapy claims (inverted) many different conditions, including the ID you can cope with the vitamins and minerals. Orthomolecular therapy Proponents argue that cognitive impairment from “molecular Gleichgewicht” can be improved through dietary supplements. “These claims took with accepted scientific methods.


Drugs administered as a cognitive neuro disorder are the cause of incapacity for work. Currently, no drugs to treat forms of IDs. Learn how to use “smart drugs” (or “smart drugs” “) in order to improve people, but growing area of interest is a drug.” at the moment there is not enough evidence, smart drugs medicines, learn how to help people with identifiers.

Talk therapy

The therapy is based on psychotherapy. Psychotherapy for many mental disorders. But psychotherapy may not act to arrest or to treat the disability. Some types of psychotherapy may be for some people with mild ID complements and psychiatric disorders, such as depression. However, students are not for people with ID appeared in such treatments depends on the capabilities of the cognitive, emotional and verbal, in order to promote the changes. People with ID is not a good candidate for such treatment.

Genetic Manipulations

One day, the possible use of genetic manipulation. The study tries to fix the genetic causes of some identifiers. Is a promising area of research is still in its infancy.

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury

The acquired brain injuries are defined as brain damage that occurs after birth and without reference to congenital degenerative diseases. These disorders can be temporary or permanent and cause disability or psychosocial impairment.

Types of Acquired Brain Injury

There are many types of brain injuries acquired (ABI). This is a broad Class of brain damage that is not genetic or acquired during childbirth and is usually referred to as traumatic or non-traumatic. These changes produce a wide range of symptoms of moderate to severe range. The most common causes of damage are obvious symptoms soon after the initial injury. Part of the survivors of the two, but the symptoms occur only months or years later and may be terminated and unpredictable.

 Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injury (PCs.) is the most common cause of brain damage at least 1.7 million people, to handle such injuries each year. About 52.000 people die as a result of his injuries, which are usually due to car accidents, falls, blunt force trauma caused by sports injuries. As the name suggests, what differentiates the brain without injuries, the card is that the response from head injuries cause disease, cancer or tumors. The answer may be no traumatic injuries, such as infection or dangerous swelling, but these changes should also TBI itself.

Non-Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBI “Trauma”, physical trauma, any psychological trauma. Traumatic brain injury “in what little can be emotionally difficult as traumatic. You can also call directly to the treatment. If you suspect that you or someone you love with the brain damage you’ll notice changes, mood, cognition, consciousness, personality, or his previous treatment can be life-saving.

Treatments for Acquired Brain Injury

Treatments for Acquired Brain Injury

Most of the studies indicate that when there is a damaged brain cell to destroy, or most are not comprehensively. But it can be recovered, for example, in some cases, to other areas of the brain to compensate for the injured tissue after stroke or brain learns how to target damaged areas of information and options. The exact amount, the rest are not expected at the time of injury and may be unknown, months or even years. Any brain damage and recovery are unique. Recovery from brain injury often comes to long-term or long course of life, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Variety of Brain Injury Treatment Programs

Acute rehabilitation programs

Subacute rehabilitation programs

Long-term rehabilitation programs

Transitional living programs

Behavior management programs

Day treatment programs

Independent living programs

Removal of brain damage the patient should not be returned to the highest level of function and independence, how it can help improve the overall quality of, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Asperger syndrome is a condition that affects the development of the brain, as a man, to see and create contacts with other problems in the context of social interaction and communication. The condition is also limited and repetitive patterns of behavior. The term “Spectrum” autistic spectrum disorders is a whole series of symptoms and severity. “Autism spectrum disorders include requirements that were previously considered distinct autism, Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder of childhood and the fall of the form of an unspecified, disorder. Some people still use the term “Asperger syndrome”, usually mild end of the autism spectrum disorder tips

Types of Autism Spectrum Disorder

This section of the website contains information about the different types of autism-also known as the autism spectrum conditions, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities or deep Abdellah.

Asperger’s Syndrome

This is the milder end of the autism spectrum. A person with Asperger’s are very intelligent and can in everyday life. You really can concentrate them and give them non-stop to discuss topics of interest. Is, however, much more difficult socially.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

This diagnosis is a mouthful in the majority of children with autism, Asperger’s, but not as stringent as autistic disorder.

Autistic Disorder

The older concept is next on the autism spectrum like Asperger’s and PDD is the same symptoms, but more intense.

Childhood disintegrative disorder

It is the rarest and most difficult part of the spectrum. Children described in normal development and then quickly lose many social skills, linguistic and mental, usually from 2 to 4 years. Also, that classes often develop in these children.

Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Communication skills-how to use images to convey (e.g., speech and language skills, usually much later.)

Social interaction response skills such as the ability to understand the feelings of other people and that the

Imaginative games skills-for example, role-playing game, stimulation

Research documents-keep track of their learning, such as reading, writing, and math skills, child “traditionellen” ”

A comprehensive evaluation of the management and coordination of care for children and adolescents with ASD need local communities to different areas of the Group of experts (also known as “team Offices Autism ‘ ‘).

Physical Disability

Physical Disability

Simply put, physical disability is significantly affected by the State of one or more of the major life activities of all kinds. This is a very broad term, but physical disabilities, their causes and their effects on human life are broad and nearly endless.

Types of Physical Disability

Acquired Brain Injury

The acquired brain injury brain injury takes place after birth. Can be used by a variety of factors, including a blow to the head, stroke, alcohol or drugs, infection, diseases, such as AIDs or cancer, causes, or lack of oxygen.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Spinal cord trauma often causes permanent physical disabilities. You may have a damaged spinal cord if too much pressure is applied for or of blood and oxygen, the cross-section of the spinal cord. If a damaged spinal cord, this is because of the function of mobility or feeling.

Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is not exhaustive of the spine and spinal cord in the mother’s womb. This is due to the spinal cord and the nerves are surrounded by a moat on the back and not exposed to the bone the muscles. People with spina bifida arise from a range of mild to severe disability, including paralysis or weakness of the legs, bowel and urinary incontinence of urine from the bladder, birth defects and Hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the cavities of the brain) of the spine and learning difficulties.

Treatments for Physical Disabilities

Treatments for Physical Disabilities

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a psychotherapy that aims to reduce behavioral problems and support adaptation. Behavior therapy uses psychological techniques in order to improve the physical, mental, and communication skills.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy is the opposite of behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy focuses first of all thoughts and emotions leads to a certain behavior, behavioral therapy treatments for Exchange and remove the unwanted behavior.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) or sometimes called physical therapy, whose main purpose is to improve the course and fine motor skills, balance and coordination and strength and endurance. Your child can be assessed by physiotherapist muscle and joint function, mobility, strength and endurance, oral motor skills, such as nutrition and discussion, posture and balance, even the heart and lungs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy or OT is treatment therapy that achieved independence in all aspects of your life, to help people. If your child has a physical disability or developmental delays, occupational therapy, to improve their cognitive skills (thinking), physical and motor skills, as well as packed with psychological factors, social and environmental influence for your child.

Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders

The term is sometimes used to indicate mental illness, which is better known as a mental illness or psychiatric disorders. Mental disorders are patterns of behavior or psychological symptoms that affect multiple areas of life. These disorders create distress people experiencing these symptoms.

Types of Psychological Disorders

A variety of neurological disorders in the mental disorder 9.1.1 the group usually in infancy or in childhood, often starts before the child school. Examples include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorders and diseases.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Psychotic disorders, caused by a detachment from reality. People with this diagnosis, experience delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, and speech. Schizophrenia is probably the most well known of these diseases, although sometimes a branch can affect people from reality with other mental disorders.

Bipolar and Related Disorders

This group includes bug Mania (high stress, activity and periods of energy) alternating with periods of episodes of depression.

Depressive Disorders

These errors include feelings of worthlessness, lower interest offer entertainment, and extreme sadness. Examples include depression and PREMENSTRUAL dysphoric disorder (PMDD), is more serious than the better known premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The PMS was not allocated to mental well-being.

Treatments for Psychological Disorders

Treatments for Psychological Disorders

Psychological treatment is sometimes “Psychotherapy ” or “Gesprächstherapie”.

  • It is clear that to say your mind and professional:
  • Understand concepts and behaviors
  • To understand and solve your problems
  • Recognizing the symptoms of mental illness myself
  • Reduce symptoms
  • If you want to change your habits
  • To improve the quality of their lives.

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