How to Curl Your Hair Quickly


What is curl and types of curly hairs:

Most women always care about their beauty, especially when they fall into their hair. When beauty is filled with her hairstyles, her hair looks more beautiful and attracts many women.

Your curls become even nicer and even stylish.
There are different types of curls,
some of them are
Flat curly hair with curling iron.
Lazy curl with curling iron.
Tie the curls using a curling iron.
Red laser waves with curling iron.
Band-lock with a flat iron.
Push the shaft with the iron.
Therefore, this process is carried out with a screwdriver. Another way is, of course, to do this with elastic or elastic clips and some hairsprays.

What is my curl type?

Let’s talk about hair. Let’s start with the basics. What are the hair types? Where does it come from? How important are the hairs to use? And why do we need it? To answer these questions, we must start by writing a story. Andrea’s Walker, a producer of original hair, created the original type of hair to better understand the texture, their needs and why they react to specific products. In fact, this program has been designed to help us understand and improve our hair.

Although the use of the natural hair community is very controversial, it seems to be a graphic in which most natural thoughts choose products and decide what is best for hair. Some say that the graphics are not useful and that there are many factors that reflect the types of hair. Although very good arguments appear on both sides of this discussion, it seems that there is also graphic typography of hair.

Before we start using hair styling, we must understand that no tight head is the same. There are four main hair types for each type, from subcategories A to C. In addition to hair types, there are several other factors, such as hair texture, curls, density and porosity, which greatly contribute to how certain products affect the hair.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener?

Curling hair with a straightener can create full, bouncy curls that won’t look like ringlets. It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique down, you will look amazing and practically red-carpet ready. Follow along to learn how to get the beautiful curls you’ve always wanted – without using a curling iron.


Prepping Your Hair:

Start with clean and dry hair. Make sure that you start using completely clean and dry hair. Soft hair generally does not bend, and wet hair is not well engraved. Even if you have one of these wonderful moisturising hair straighteners, it’s best if you have dry hair. Dirty hair is not enough. So make sure you have cleared the last 24 hours.
If you blow up your hair first, use foam. The extra volume ensures that your hair looks too loose, curly.
Use thin, flat iron. Your iron should have a width of 2.5 cm to 5 cm, from the plate to the handle and rounded edges. Otherwise, there are no smooth curls. A flat, iron iron does not attract iron. It is much harder to store and pack if you have such an iron and you do not want it to be the right place.
Make sure you have good quality iron. The best work works faster, your hair is smoother and less destructive than low quality irons. They can have a big impact on things like gloss and folding consistency.
Heat the iron to the minimum temperature you need for your hair. If your hair is thin and thin, stay below the bottom of the beech below 300 degrees. Normal hair can be adjusted in the 300-380 mm range. You can rotate it at 350-400 degrees if your hair is thick, rough or soft.
Apply thermal protection. Thermal protection or thermal spraying creates a protective barrier between hair and iron, thanks to which the hair “does not burst” and does not burn. Spray hair everywhere – you do not have to brush, because you have to spray and dry quickly.
If you have thick hair, spray them in each section before you decide. If you just spray the hair, it will not touch the lower layers.
Also, before you use heat, make sure you comb your hair.
Divide the hair into pieces. You will be happier if you turn on hair while cutting, instead of trying to attack all the chaos at once. Generally speaking, the thicker the hair, the more parts you need to make. Fold the hair over your ears and put it on your head. It should not be like this.
Start from the bottom of your head, near your ears and neck. Leave as much hair as possible so that you can do your first layer of “Curl”. A good rule is to work from 1-2 inches at a time. Save the rest.
When this layer is ready, loosen the hair and lower the next layer. Cutting again, which is no longer possible. Combine the layers.


Exploring Different Techniques:

Alternative films and curtains. Clicks and curls are just two different ways to lure hair using a hair straightener. Try both to see what you want.
Clicks: start half the length of your hair, soften the iron and turn it half a turn. Now you should create a U-shape with hair and iron. Hold the iron towards the angle of rotation of this side and slowly move it along the clamp to the end of the hair. The sooner the iron is transferred, the less the curse / thrill will ignite. Slow ironing for gentle movements.
Collapsing: start relatively close to the scalp (but not close enough to burn them accidentally), stop the iron and turn them halfway (how fast are the movements). Slowly release the iron all the way along the hair shaft. The slower the iron is transferred, the more stringent the curse will be. As soon as the iron is moved, the wave becomes weaker.
Make a strong curl by turning the straightener from one side. With curves and curls, you turned the flat iron side of the turn. To get more Y-ringtones, close the locks, turn the straightener with full rotation, turn the hair over yourself and loop.
Find out what you usually do from half to the whole round. You can realise that half is enough or that a three-quarters curve is perfect for you. In fact, some days can be half days and days other than full days. It depends on you!

Experiment with hair straightening knobs and above. If you change the iron, whether in the middle or the whole turn, you have to make a decision: around and around it. Nothing is bad, although the rotation changes at a certain angle. Which of you will look best?
Try to be consistent. It’s easy to turn in one direction, and if you change the arm, you will unintentionally change the direction. If you accidentally do this, you are probably the only one who can see your direction in different directions.
On the other hand, changing directions can also look great. You just have to make sure that you’re using a consistent model everywhere.
Try flat waves. Sometimes bring you back in 1995. Attach the hair iron and turn the quarter. Then attach to your nearest hair and twist a quarter turn. This technique produces flat waves, almost like a wave of fingers. Repeat this process on the entire length of the hair.
To get these shallow waves, put on each part of your hair. Suck, bend it and slowly pull it out – a kind of curved ribbon for a gift or a balloon.


Curling Your Hair:

Insert the specified hairspray. If your hair does not cause or does not hurt, put hair on the ward before winding. If you want your curls to keep their shape, spray hair with your hair.
Use a spray without a spray. Aerosols create a sticky mess.
Do not use too much hair. Then it becomes stiff and sharp, and it does not look what you are looking for.
Take some of the hair you want to lure. How much hair do you wear each lock depends on you, but here are some things to keep in mind:
Smaller profiles create smaller, smoother curls and more. If you want to look at the rings, you should leave spaces with a width of less than two centimetres.
Larger parts bring to Bouncier, loose curls that look more natural. In the case of large curls, cross sections of more than 2.5 cm should be used.
Mix it. You do not have to stick to one size or the other. For example, you can create larger curls at the top of the face and head to create buoyancy and volume, and then be as tight as possible, smaller curls. Try it in different ways and see what you like best.
Use one of the methods described above. The above methods have lists of the same basic principles: Turn the iron over you and slowly and slowly pull it along your hair. Gently press and let the hair on the ironing plates – Not so hard that it is difficult to move, but not so light that the hair comes out.
Variables that you can change? Where to start the hair (head end or end) how to slowly move the iron and how much the iron is turned on. Experiment with these three variables to find the perfect search.
You do not have to irritate all your hair. Several rows of straight or undulating can create a natural view of the beach.
Close You can leave your hair so it is when the curtain ends, or you can add ​_​_​_​_an additional button to finish the desired style.
To get loose curls: gently rub your hair with your fingers and shave. You will get a slightly larger volume and a relaxed, natural look.
To get more grip: Use a spray of light over your curls so that they are homogeneous and strong throughout the day. If you live in a very humid environment, you should consider spraying moisture.

Some tips for curling:

Make sure that your hair does not have buttons.
If you do not use heat protection, use coconut oil.
For better results, tighten the hair before scrubbing.
You may need help to keep your hair in mind so that it does not get cold.
Ceramic hair straighteners are usually better for hair because metallic plates can damage the hairpin.
The more you keep your hair straightened, the more wobbly it will be.
Your hair should be straight or wavy. It does not work with curly hair if it has dried up immediately.
Practice your technique. It may not be perfect for the first time, but it is definitely correct.
Do not store too long, otherwise hair can burn and frighten.
A pair of hair is completely normal. It is only thermal protection that does its job. However, if you see or smoke your hair, immediately remove the fire and move faster.
After all these steps you will get beautiful curls in your hair.

How can you naturally wrap it at home?

Rinse as usual. Then dry with a soft cloth.
Carefully shave your hair separately inside.
Rotate each part until it looks solid. Attach the clip to the top of the head. …
Leave hair for the night.
Remove the clips and enjoy the locks.
Apply stylish hair products to extend your curls. Depending on who works with your hair, add a small amount of foam before drying. Or spray some hair before and after the cross.

Things that you mistake in your hair:

Your hair will be too wet.
You are using the vines below the lower limit. Hair loss is more than broken ends. Highly damaged hair creates cracks in the outer layer (skin). After opening the skin there is a risk of damage and damage to the hair. It can also be cumbersome or difficult to use
To lose protection against high temperature.
You will close one direction for a long time.
You lure your hair in the wrong direction.
Do not drop your curls.
Makes the hair cut off incorrect.
Abuse your stick or iron.
You will use the wrong ship.

Hair loss:

If you do not have a winning lottery and strong hair, excessive straightening will inevitably result in fractures. … If you have to go through your hair several times, use unsuitable iron, improper heat or excessive orientation.
Hair loss is more than broken ends. Highly damaged hair creates cracks in the outer layer (skin). When the skin is open, there is a risk that the hair will be damaged and broken. It may also seem tedious or delicate and difficult to use if you use straightening tools.


Do not store the iron for more than 7-10 seconds.

Never stretch wet hair unless you have hair straighteners.

The final effect of hair curling:

After waving you will get ragged hair with a beautiful appearance that will make you feel safer and more sexy. Using curls, your hair will be very attractive.

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