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The Lost Book of Remedies aims to reintroduce the world to Mother Nature’s natural healing abilities. The book is chock-full of natural remedies.

Product Name: The Lost Book of Remedies

Author Name: Claude Davis

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The Lost Book of Remedies Review

The Lost Book of Remedies Review

Dr. Nicole Apelian believes that all natural substances contain healing properties, including plants, herbs, and essential oils. Herbal medicine is based on traditional beliefs about the healing powers of plants, herbs, and other natural substances. In this advanced, third edition of her acclaimed book, Dr. Nicole Apelian has gathered together the wisdom and understanding of her years of study and experience. This fifth edition of her popular volume addresses even more topics, providing even greater depth and breadth of information on the practice of natural medicine. This book is Dr. Nicole Apelian’s most comprehensive work on natural medicines and is highly recommended for everyone who is serious about their health.

If you’re even remotely interested in natural medicine, you’ve probably heard of the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies at some point. This book is considered to be one of the most reliable modern sources of the topic. It offers a treasure trove of information that you can use to take on a more natural approach to basic medicine. Side-effects to OTC drugs are more common than you think! Not only that, but there’s a risk of addiction, accidental overdoses, and the dangers of bad drug combinations. That’s not to say that drugs don’t have a place in our healthcare system. But wouldn’t it be so much better if you could use natural remedies found in your own backyard. With the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Claude Davis, you can finally learn to do just that!

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

An Alternative Holistic Approach to Natural Therapies” by Dr. Nicole Apelian is a comprehensive, advanced natural medicine guide for individuals suffering from everything from food allergies to chronic disease. The eBook is jam packed with 500+ recipes, not just the standard diet and exercise recommendations found in many “How to Get Healthy” guides, but recipes that address a wide array of auto-immune disorders and diseases. In addition, Dr. Nicole Apelian provides additional advice on how to balance your mind, body, and spirit and how to prevent, relieve, and reverse a variety of diseases and disorders. It’s an excellent reference for anyone who wants to take control of their health. In essence, it is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wants to live a healthier life.

The Lost Book of Remedies

How Does The Lost Book of Remedies Work?

“The Lost Book of Remedies” is Dr. Nicole Apelian’s fifth published book, and it is sure to be a slam dunk! In this latest installment, she addresses a wide variety of health problems and reveals her powerful, new prescription for a healthier life. Specifically, the book targets those with chronic conditions such as asthma and fibromyalgia. Although the format is different, the theme is the same-find out what works and don’t forget what’s worked for others before you. Included are detailed discussions of the safety of homeopathy, the power of natural herbs, and even money back guarantees to boot!

In the previous books, Dr. Nicole Apelian wrote about plants and herbs used for healing, including Echinacea (for colds and flu), Indian Ginseng (for high blood pressure), Rosemary (for anxiety and depression), and St. John’s Wort (for chronic depression). In this latest edition, she backs up her claims with scientific data and even provides the source materials for the research. In fact, Dr. Nicole Apelian spends more time in the scientific research than in the previous books, comparing different remedies and herbs. So, not only does The Lost Book of Remedies cover all the bases again, but it also does so in a quick and helpful manner. The Lost Book of Remedies is certainly an important addition to any library, whether you want to use it for reference purposes or for applying them in your own home.

But it is also a handy little book to have in your own home, because, let’s face it, everyone likes to have access to ancient methods for every survivalist need. It isn’t often that we can find a single book that covers every survival situation and method from caveman to modern day disaster area! Beyond sharing recipes and stories about ancient ways of doing things, The Lost Book of Remedies also provides interesting information about the origin of modern herbal remedies and how the ancients actually used them. For example, Dr. Nicole Apelian traces her knowledge of herbal remedies to her time as a student of the ancient ways of the west.

The Lost Book of Remedies Guide

She traces the roots of many of today’s well-known herbal remedies back to their roots in the early days of the west when individuals actually went into the caves to collect herbs from the ground in order to make their food more nourishing. In many cases, it seems as though the ancients were right on their feet when it came to natural medicine and many of the diseases that are so prevalent in our modern society could be traceable back to the use of herbal remedies long before man began his empire on earth. The Lost Book of Remedies is very helpful to those people interested in learning more about ancient science and their natural remedies. The book contains over 250 recipes using all natural ingredients that can be used as remedies, such as aloe vera, Cayenne pepper, golden seal, ginger, mint, Rosemary, turmeric, and many other herbs.

What are the benefits of the Lost Book of Remedies

According to the official website, there is a variety of benefits that this eBook can offer. Here are some of the benefits we have shown you:

  • This program will allow you to unleash the magic of nature.
  • Your health condition may be treated with herbs or plant extracts.
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle as stated on the website.
  • You will be able to grow the required plants at home, which will allow you to save on costs.
  • It may improve your health.
  • This product supports blood sugar, pressure, and arthritis.
  • It might be helpful in preventing bleeding, inflammation, cognitive disabilities, and other issues.
  • According to the official site, all remedies are 100% natural, tested and clinically proven.
  • It can easily be accessed via your smart device from anywhere you are.
  • The official website states that there are no side effects.
  • It will help you detoxify your body and eliminate any harmful free radicals.
  • According to the site of the creator, there is a money back warranty to support your investment.
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  • The digital book serves as a survival guide and provides life-saving advice. It is a valuable resource that anyone would find useful, and can be used in everyday life.
  • Another striking aspect about the book, is that it coordinates the use of fundamental, crude material, fixings, or instruments that are simple to profit from and also maintain. Truthfully, you might already have some of these in your home.
  • The book may help you to save money in the long term. By following the clever strategies in the book you can achieve a better and more sustainable way of getting food, water, prescription and medication. This might help to prepare you and your family for possible disasters.
  • There are many survival tips available on the Internet, but “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies”, which might outperform them all, is a unique resource. It has sufficient data that can help you to manage debacles both natural and man-made.
  • The book relies on tried and tested, rational, and tried ideas. It doesn’t mention void warranties and bogus claims, nor unique speculations. Rather, it relies solely on real-world realities that can be implemented and coordinated in order to make cutting-edge men more independent and more in line with the Earth and its resources.
  • It is also available in an advanced configuration.
  • Last but not least, the book comes with a strong 60-day money back guarantee. This means that if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, you can return it to get a full discount. You can view the terms and conditions of the book on the official site.


  • “The Lost Book of Remedies” is a book by Claude Davis that might seem intimidating, taking into account the fact that not everybody might be comfortable using traditional methods.
  • The book doesn’t promise quick results. You can still buy the book and figure out how you can manage disasters for a brief time.
  • You must follow these guidelines carefully and thoroughly before you can put them into action. While every device and material might prove to be beneficial, there are always exceptions.
  • The book is only offered in an electronic format. This might make it less appealing to those who would prefer a printed copy.
The Lost Book of Remedies Results


Also included is information about how plants work and what plants are best used depending on the location where a person is experiencing symptoms. Along with the recipes, there is also a lot of great information about the three phases of natural healing that occurs when natural remedies are used. Dr. Nicole Apelian explains why certain herbs work better when combined with others and how to combine specific herbs in order to create unique mixtures of vitamins and other nutrients that can strengthen the immune system.

While this is a helpful book for those who want to do some research on natural medicine and its history, Dr. Apelian’s website also offers her own healing remedies that are based on the same concepts of the lost book. In addition to her books and other products, Dr. Apelian also offers classes and workshops that teach people how to incorporate alternative medicine into their lives. Her website also contains information on how to learn more about using medicinal plants in your own home. All of these products and services can help take a person’s knowledge of natural medicine and put it to good use.


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